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HoliFAB First Digital Conference (5.11.2020)

From a lab idea to an applicative microfluidic solution

Session 1

Introduction to HoliFAB spirit, production lines and demonstrators
  • Speaker: Pr. Jean-Louis ViovyPr. Jean-Louis Viovy (Institut Curie and Fluigent)

Session 2

Prototyping of microfluidic chips and microphysiological system with 3D bioprintings with water monitoring and organ-on-chips applications
  • Speakers: Dr. Laurent MalaquinDr. Laurent Malaquin (CNRS-LAAS), Dr. Margaret Mc CaulMargaret McCaul (DCU)
    and Mark BowkettMark Bowkett (Tellab)
  • Partners: CNRS-LAAS, Microresist, Sculpteo, DCU, TelLab

Session 3

Microfluidic manufacturing pilot line based on micro-injection, reagent integration, bonding and quality control with clinical and research applications for circulating tumour cells detection
  • Speakers: Dr. Luis FernandezLuis Fernandez (MicroLiquid) and Pr. Jean-Louis ViovyPr. Jean-Louis Viovy (Institut Curie)
  • Partners: Microliquid, EVG, Mypa, CNRS-Institut Curie

Session 4

Instruments and custom solutions for your biochemical applications with lab microfluidic setup industrialization example
  • Speakers: Dr. Nicolas LafitteNicolas Lafitte (Fluigent), Dr.Mikaël TrelletMikael Trellet (Fluigent)
    and Raphael TomasiRaphael Tomasi (Institut Pasteur)
  • Partners: Fluigent, CNRS-LAAS, Sculpteo, DCU

HoliFAB project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 760927

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