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A product offering to help you in every key steps of the transformation of your biochemical assay into a complete instrument.
Injection moulded chips
prototyping & Manufacturing
Design, prototyping & Fabrication
3D Printed chips / Bio Printed chips
prototyping & manufacturing

Microfluidic consulting

HoliFAB offers support, advice, and a complete follow-up for each step of your project as well as a complete definition of its feasibility, from the idea to your final product.

With more than 9 microfluidic experts in all the microfluidic critical knowledges, HOLIFAB can help you throughout each stage of your projet from the initial idea in your lab to the manufacturing of the final instruments through chip design and manufacturing.

Chip prototyping & manufacturing

HoliFAB offers you to draw the process of manufacturing and manufacture your microfluidic chip of different types and resolutions (medium to very high resolution), depending on your needs and your bio-application (biochemistry, environmental, clinical, ...):

  • Injection moulded chips
  • 3D Printed chips / Bio Printed chips

Through Holifab chip offering, you will have access to the latest technologies to master the prototyping and manufacturing of your chips.

Moulded Chips Capabilities:
  • Reagent integration - dispensing
  • QC equipment
  • Mould manufacturing equipment
  • Injection equipment
  • Bonding equipment
3D/Bio-printed chips technologies:
  • DWS 29 J+ stereolithography system stereolithography for medium resolution printing
  • DILASE MR stereolithography system for medium resolution
  • DILASE Bio stereolithography system for high resolution printers
  • Formlabs Form 3 stereolithography system for high resolution printers
  • LAMP (Light assisted printing technology) printer for hydrogel materials

For specific project, Holifab offers you the possibility to have access to its chip equipment. Contact us to get more info on how to design and manufacture the perfect chips and discover our technologies

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Instrument prototyping & manufacturing

Virtual prototype

HOLIFAB has developped the first microfluidic software to help realize a complete CAD of your virtual prototype respecting your needs and your specifications.

HOLIFAB can help you build:

  • A non-functional scale-model/visual prototype
  • A virtual prototype - microfluidic circuit modelled by the CAD software

If you want to have your instrument become a reality , contact us to schedule a call and realize your frst CAD of your instrument microfluidic circuit.

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Onced a virtual prototyepe is designed, Holifab can help you design and build your first real life functioning prototype, first step mandatory for the development of your specific instrument.


HOLIFAB through its parnters facilities owns production line to manufacture your instrument.

Thanks to our ISO9001 certification, conformity certificate and test bench specifically developped, we can help ensure the quality and robustness of your product throughouth its life cycle.

HOLIFAB can manufacture small and large series depending of your needs, contact us to get started with your project.

HoliFAB project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 760927

HoliFAB Horizon 2020